Qualifications for New Sellers

2017-05-02 13:58:41

Enter requirements:

1) Open enterprise sellers and individual sellers.

2) The store business category needs to match the company business license.

3) Legal export commodities and within the scope of Kilimall sales categories.

Document and Information needed:

1, Shop information

Store name, contact person, contact phone number, contact email address ( contact information must be frequently used).

2, Company information

Company name and address, company’s business license (picture of original certificate).

Note: the information and language must be in accordance with the actual information.

3, Bank information (company account or legal private account)
Collection account name, account number, bank name, bank sub-branch name, bank Swift Code.

Note: the information and language must match the actual information.

Shop type

1) For African local seller, pls select "Local Shop"

2) For Sellers out of Africa, pls select "Global Shop"

Management category

1) A shop allows to operate multiple categories, but it is recommended to choose the category with your own advantages so that you could provide more professional shop service.

2) A set of company information allows three stores to be opened at a national site, but it is not recommended to open too many shops at first.

Account verification

1) store audit time: within 3 working days.

2) the store will receive the mail issued by the Kilimall platform to inform the audit results.

3) the seller can use the account to login directly in the Seller Center.

Brand settled

1) The platform has no requirement for whether the product has a brand;

2) If you sell brand goods, you need to apply for the brand in the Seller Center, and submit a brand certificate or patent certificate.


1) Platform does not restrict IP addresses when landing account.

2) Different sites are independent, it needs to register and upload products separately.