Regulations on Prohibited and Restricted Commodities

2019-01-23 04:45:22

Dear Kilimall merchant:

In order to protect the rights and interests of African consumers and to comply with the legal requirements of the region where the platform operates, the Kilimall platform has updated the Regulations on Prohibited and Restricted Commodities as follows:

(1) Prohibition of publishing information on prohibited commodities

Kilimall platform prohibits the publication of prohibited goods information, such as: drugs, precursor chemicals and drug tools, guns and ammunition, controlled equipment, military and police supplies, drugs, medical equipment, pornography, violence, vulgarity, sex toys, aphrodisiac products and other illegal uses product.

(2) It is forbidden to release information about restricted commodities

Restricted products refer to the need to obtain pre-approval, voucher operation, or authorized operation permits for product sales before releasing the product, otherwise the release is not allowed.

(3) International brand infringing goods (International brands need to provide brand registration qualifications, the registration information must be issued by the brand owner’s brand license, and the brand authorization can be exported without customs authorization. Selling on the international market, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement).

(4) Unbranded goods (no brand or trademark displayed on the outer packaging of the goods or goods themselves)

Examples of unbranded goods:

1. The product has no logo at all

2. The store name cannot act as brand name, see below(except for the brand name equals to store name):

3. The product name cannot act as brand name

4. Non-brand name or trademark on the greeting card

If the merchant has any questions about the definition of unbranded goods, please consult customer service, and the platform will soon publish guidance documents concerning product brand.

This rule effects from the date of publication