How to upload products and set price?

2017-05-02 17:12:33

Products uploading includes two methods: single upload and batch upload

For details, pls download Kilimall Seller Center Operation Guide -English

Single upload product:

1) After the store application approved, the seller can upload products directly. Enter the Seller Center - Product - Upload Product - Select the product category - Submit

2) ※ is required to filled with.

3) Selling currency for local currency

4) The standard product picture size is 640*640, less than 1MB

Batch upload product:

Platform now provides batch upload module, for the operation details, please download "Kilimall Batch Upload Form Template".

How to set price?

For overseas sellers:

Price = Product Cost + freight + commission + tax + transfer charge + profit

Commission = Total selling price * Commission rate
Transfer charges = (Selling price - Commission - tax) * Tranfer rate

Take one product as a example: ( The definition of X is the total Selling Price)

Cost price: RMB15, international freight: RMB10, commission rate: 15%, transfer charges: 3.5%

Profit margin: 20%


X*15 = KSH Final selling price

For local sellers:

Price = Product Cost + freight + commission + profit