Requirements for uploading white background images

2021-12-21 04:47:37

Requirements for uploading white background images:

1. The picture size must be square, the picture size ratio must be 1:1, and the size is recommended to be 800x800.

2. The image file size is less than 1MB.

3. The background must be a pure white background, the material needs to be cut out, the edges are processed clean, without shadows, and there can be no extra background, lines and other unprocessed clean elements.

4. No logo, no watermark, no text, no splicing, no psoriasis.

5. Model shooting is not allowed, and no parts of the human body such as hands, feet, legs, head, etc. can appear.

6. It must be tiled or hanging, and no hangers (including hanger hooks), fake models, commodity tags and other objects are allowed.

5. The product needs to be displayed on the front, not on the side or on the back, and the main body should not be tilted left and right.

6. The pictures are of high beauty and quality, and the products should be displayed as smoothly as possible without wrinkles.

7. The composition is bright and concise, and the main body of the product is clear, clear and prominent, and should be placed in the center.

8. Only one subject can appear in each picture, and no multiple identical subjects can appear.

9. In order to ensure that the product is displayed more clearly on the mobile phone, the product should be kept as beautiful as possible to minimize the white space.

10. The product body in the picture must be displayed completely, the display ratio should not be too small, and the product body should be larger than 300x300.

Demonstration picture: