Promotion Activities

2017-05-08 13:58:58

Promotion Activities:

The seller can use the platform promotion toos directly, the main promotion modules are as follow:

1) Discount Session: Limited time discount for one product or all products
2) Prizes : Buy up to ** get ** free with or without gift. For example buy 5000 get 500 KSH free with one gift
3) Package Selling: Sell two or more products together with one total discount price.
4) Activities: Participates in platform activities

For more information, please refer to "Kilimall -Promotion module guide"

5) Gift: Buy one get one or more gifts

Seller Center - Product - Product on Shelf - Enter a single product edit page, select "Gifts" can add one or more gifts for the product.

For more deatils, pls refer to Kilimall Seller Center Operation Guide -English