GS Rules

2017-05-08 21:13:32

Drop Shipping Management Rules

The rules apply to:

The goods and orders with Drop Shipping attribute.

1, Delivery methods

1.1, Must deliver the goods through Kiliexpress and can not deliver through other channels, otherwise the order status can’t be updated on platform, resulting in any losses will be undertaken by the seller.

1.2 The logistics charges will be charged by Kiliexpress, pls check with Merchant Manager for quotation.

1.3 Before the package being sent out, the seller must operate "Dispatch" in the Seller Center background.

2, Delivery time

The seller must prepare the package and inform Kiliexpress rider to pick up the package in 24hours.

3. Order cancellation

Seller‘s cancellation: cancellation of order will affect the store performance appraisal score, and will be fined if exceeds for three times. But if it have to cancel definitely because of shortage, the seller must cancel the order within 48 hours in the Seller Center, and remarks the cancellation reason. For orders that need to be cancelled but not cancelled for more than 48hours, pls contact the platform customer service to notify the buyer before canceling.

4, Delivery and package requirements
4.1 The goods must be in line with the description on the website page.
4.2 No other platform information or information without relation to the goods included in the package.
4.3 If an order has several products, all products must be shipped together and can not be shipped separately.

4.4 Packing and document requirements:

4.4.1 Delivery packing must be strictly operated according to requirements. Each order must have separate package and corresponding document.
4.4.2 The document and barcode must be printed with completed clear information, right size and placed in the right place.

5, Irregularities Management

5.1 Less pieces

The goods delivered is not in accordance with the description of the goods issued, and there have goods with less parts or less gifts when the buyer received the goods, the seller should reply positively to provide solution within 24 hours, deliver again or refund to the buyer. If the seller does not solve the problems positively and communicate with the buyer, resulting in the buyer’s direct return of the refund, the platform has the right to deal directly as the buyer‘s request, which cause any losses will be undertaken by the seller. At the same time, the platform will conduct shop performance evaluation for the irregularities.

5.3 Leakage and Missing

When the seller send out the goods, pls strictly follow the delivery operation, and keep the effective evidence (such as express list, photos, video, etc.). If there has any package missing or leakage of goods in delivery, the seller can provide timely evidence. If it is not fully proved that the seller has operated in right way, the Seller shall bear the losses. In case of false delivery, the goods shall be punished as the principle of false delivery.

5.4 False delivery

If the Seller appears false delivery, the platform will send the warning , if it exceeds three times the store will be directly closed. Kilimall has the right to punish and claim damages to the seller for the losses caused by the false delivery.

6, Notice and reply

If there has any questions or problems in the process, the seller should actively respond and handle it, actively contact the customer service to enhance the customer experience. If there has problems without positive reply from the seller, or cannot get contact, Kilimall has the right to deal directly according to the actual situation, the resulting economic losses shall be affored by the seller.

7, Incentives

If the sellers operate right according to the requirements standard without irregularities, the seller can be appropriate incentives, including shop level promotion, support policies, free charger, activities resources, etc.