Product Release Regulation

2017-05-09 12:00:38

1. The merchants can not publish illegal or violation product information;

2. The merchants can not publish information that violate the intellectual property of others;

3. The merchants can not publish information on products outside the agreed scope of business (like coupons);

4. The merchants can not publish fake goods, refurbished goods, parallel imports, second-hand goods, second-hand goods information;

5. The Merchants can not publish the advertising information including wholesale, investment, representative agency, advertising, posters and so on.

6. The Merchants can not post other site information (such as links, account numbers, platform identifiers other than "Kilimall" platform);

7. The Merchants can not randomly replace the important goods attributes (like color, size, etc.) which lead to the products information missed.

8. The Merchants are not allowed to add on the products his offline stores telephone and other contact information;

9. The same products or products with all same important attributes can’t be released repeatedly.

10. The products information can‘t include the any words like "Kilimall platform starting" or "Kilimall exclusive" except special permit from Kilimall platform.

11. The Merchants shall not post any advertising windows (such as non-Kilimall platform ads, ad floats, etc.);

12. The product information and related properties published by the merchants must have authenticity and shall not contain any false information.

13. Products published by the merchants shall be in accordance with the actual categories in Kilimall.

14. All pictures and description content can not include any words other than English or other local language.