Promotion Activities Rules

2017-05-09 14:26:16

Promotion Activities Rules

Platform activities normally includes weekly category theme activities, and other large-scale events, such as Easter, Mobile Week, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Back To School Season, Black Friday, Christmas and so on.

Requirements for participation:
1, Sellers submit products in valid time.
2, The products submitted should meet the theme of activities.
3, The details of the products page (pictures, text, etc.) meets standard.
4, Have high rate of positive reviews or new products with large demand in market.
5, Sufficient inventory
6, Each dimension of store score is above 4.5.

Seller‘s Submission time of selection:
1, Category theme activities: Submit products for 3 days in advance before activities release in seller center directly according to the activity theme.
2, Platform’s large scale activities: Platform informs sellers for one month in advance, sellers submit selection according to the related requirement to Merchant Manager or send to

Platform audit time:
Within 1-7 working days.
Sellers can see the audit results dirctly for the selection submitted in the Seller Center or get email reply if the selection is approved.

Price modification:
The Seller should manually modify the price of the goods before activity release according to the promotional price summitted in the application.