FBK Management Rules

2017-05-12 09:08:08

FBK Management Rules

The rules apply to:

The goods and orders with FBK attribute.

1, Delivery methods

Must deliver through the logistics agent approved by Kilimall. Otherwise the goods can not be received and warehousing, resulting in any losses will be undertaken by the seller.

2, Operation process
2.1 Upload the FBK attribute products before application.
2.2 Before delivery, the seller must apply for stocking and can only deliver the goods after appoval.
2.3 Application methods:

Kenya: Submit the stock application directly in the Seller Center, and then inform the merchant manager for review.

Uganda and Nigeria: Fill out the stock application form and send it to the merchant manager for review.

2.4 After the goods reach Kiliexpress warehouse, the receipt (ASN) will be issued to the seller, the seller should confirm the products and quantity in ASN within 24hours after receive it, sign and send back to platform. Only after the confirmation from seller, the warehouse will put in storage.

3. Stocking requirements

The goods with demand in the market.

4, FBK products operations management

4.1, FBK products must be uploaded separately, Drop Shipping or Global Shipping products can not be directly transferred to FBK.
4.2 When the FBK property is uploaded, the inventory is filled to 0. When the goods are stored from warehouse, the system will automatically update the inventory.
4.3, In the same shop, the same products can not be sold simultaneously with both FBK and Global Shipping, it can be based released on inventory conditions in different period.

4.4 The seller should applicate same batch of SKU at the same time and then submit the application (after SKU are added and then click "submit" button), if one shop submit many single SKU at the same time, the application will be rejected.

For more details, please refer to "FBK Management Rules".

5, Delivery and packaging requirements

5.1 The goods must be in line with the description on the website page.

5.2 The products in same batch of application should be sent out together and can not be sent separately.

5.3 No other platform information or information without relation to the goods included in the package.

5.4 Packing and document requirements:

5.4.1 Delivery packing must be strictly operated according to requirements. Each item must be individually packaged with individual SKU label.

5.4.2 The products must be packed in carton box in accordance with the SKU number. Different products can not be mixed in the same box, otherwise it will cause difficulties in goods sorting and storage, so the losses will be affored by the seller. Except for special cases of very small quantity and volumes that each SKU must still have individual inner box or bags.

5.4.3 Each outer carton box cannot exceed 60*60*40cm and 30KG.

5.4.4 The document and labels must be printed with completed clear information, right size and placed in the right place.

5.4.5 Seller’s contact information is displayed clearly.

6, Irregularity Management
6.1 Lgistics choice
If the seller deliver the goods through other logistics methods, resulting in goods can not be received and warehousing, the loss will be beared by the seller.
6.2 Ship the goods without application in advance
If the seller doesn’t applicate advance and send the goods directly to Kiliexpress warehouse, the goods may not be accept resulting in any losses will be beared by the seller.

6.3 If the goods received are not in accordance with the application or description in the webiste, the wrong or extra goods will not be accept.

6.4 Wrong packaging:

6.4.1 Has no separate SKU barcode or package, Kiliexpress does not guarantee to accept. Eventually, the package work will be charged when warehousing.

6.4.2 Different SKUs are not packed with different packages, the platform does not guarantee warehousing. Eventually, the package work will be charged when warehousing.

7, Notice and reply

If there has any questions or problems in the process, the seller should actively respond and handle it, actively contact the customer service to enhance the customer experience. If there has problems without positive reply from the seller, or cannot get contact, Kilimall has the right to deal directly according to the actual situation, the resulting economic losses shall be affored by the seller.