Drop shipping policy SOP

2017-11-20 11:25:19

1. Purpose

To streamline the drop shipping process and inform all the stakeholders involved both internal and external of the changes involved and responsibilities assigned to them.

2. Scope of Application

Supply team members, CS drop shipping members, seller and riders

3. The Process

3.1 Order placement

After a customer places a drop shipping order, the customer will either pay immediately or they will be called by customer care and be advised to pay for the order for it to be confirmed.

Customer care will call a customer within 24 hours for orders that are placed from early morning to 3pm or early the next day for orders that were placed after 3pm the previous day.

When a customer pays, the order is confirmed by customer care and it will immediately change status on the sellers’ backend to ‘pending dispatch’. This order is now ready to be processed.

3.2 Seller involvement

Once a seller sees an order that has the ‘pending dispatch’ status,

Step 1: Preparing the product

The seller should start to prepare the item by packaging the product, printing the order detail from the backend and attaching it to the package.

Step 2: Click on ‘deliver’ that’s on the backend as shown on the picture below:

Step 3: Selecting the preferred method of package submission.

Choose your preferred method of package submission, either Pick up by Kilimall or Put in Kilimall Shop.

A. If you choose Put in Kilimall Shop, simply choose one of the listed shops and click submit to confirm. Please ensure that you deliver the package to the said shop within less than 12hours.

B. If you choose pick up by Kilimall, then you have to give the accurate address and submit. Refer the picture below.

A notification will be sent to the drop shipping team that the item is now ready for collection from the seller and a rider will be dispatched to collect the item

A seller should not process any other order apart from the one that is showing a status of ‘pending dispatch’ as these are the only confirmed orders.

3.3 LPO issuance

Once orders are confirmed, LPOs are printed from OMS and then sorted as per merchant. The seller center team will call the merchants confirming if the items in the LPOs are in stock, scan the LPOs and send them via mail to the merchants for invoicing. The ones that are scanned merchants have to confirm through the mails. If the products are available/In stock the rider is sent for pick-ups. The merchant is left with one copy of the LPO and one is returned to the warehouse for order processing and record keeping. All the sent LPOs are recorded against the rider who is sent for pick up to make receiving easier.

3.4 Product collection by Kilimall

The drop shipping team at the warehouse will receive a notification that a seller’s product is ready for collection.

A rider will be assigned to the seller to collect the particular package either in the morning or in the afternoon and only waits at the seller’s door for a maximum of 10- 15 minutes after which they will leave with or without the products.

The rider will then head back to the warehouse and hand over the products collected for packaging meanwhile the orders which the seller failed to provide will be compiled into a list that will be shared by the Supply team to come up with solutions. For small issue, rider is required to call seller center team for help. Seller center team will call sellers contact and find a solution. In case of any problem, the case will be escalated to account managers and even higher levels.

3.5 Delivery of the package to the pickup station.

All packages that will be dropped at Kilimall shop should be checked by the attendants to match the product ordered for.

A package that has already been submitted to the Kilimal shop can be confirmed by clicking on confirm and submitting thereafter. Choosing Success if it arrived and Failed if it hasn’t. The rights will be provided to the agents at the shop so that they may be able to input the information.

3.6 Dispatch

Dispatch of all products should take less than 24 hours for deliveries to be made by 72hours.

For any team that will take part in dispatch, they should be given two purchase notes and when the item is delivered to the customer, the customer should sign on both and then one of the documents should be taken back to Kilimall as proof of the purchase having been completed. The other one?

4. Service Level &Responsibilities


Resolve time

Interface person


Order placement

6 hours

Customer service

1. Customer care should confirm the orders that have been paid for drop shipping within 24 hours of the order being made using office hours.

2. The team should also ensure they call the customers who are yet to pay for their orders and instruct them to do so within 24 hours.

Seller order processing

Less than 24hours


1.The seller should constantly check their backend for orders with the pending shipping status and prepare the items. (Seller Center Team will do so in case they are authorized by seller to operate seller backend).

2. After the product is prepared , the seller should package and print the order details and attach on the package.

3. The sellers should then click on dispatch on the backend and this will send a notification to the drop shipping team for the rider to be sent to the sellers premise.

4. In case the seller opts for self delivery to the shop, they should do so within 12 hours of receiving the confirmed order except on weekends. The faster, the better. In case the seller ops for picking up by Kilimall……

5. When the rider arrives, the seller should hand over the package and receive an LPO from the rider.

6. In case the seller does not have the product, they should outsource for the same item and give it to the rider.

8. The seller should off shelf the product with no stock and keep doing this often to void cases of cancelation of orders.

9. In case the seller has more than 3 orders cancelled due to no stock, they will be charged 500 for any order cancelled.

Supply Team

1.The team should keep asking their sellers to check on their orders to avoid delay in the process.

2. The supply team should know when it’s time to train the merchant on the drop shipping process or close the shop based on the performance to avoid losing customers.

Product collection

Shop Agents

1. For all packages that will be dropped at the shop, the agents should confirm that they have received the package on the system.

2. Delivery of the packages should be scheduled for within 12hours to the warehouse (except on weekends) However, speed is vital in this process.

3. In case the agents fail to receive a product within 2 days, then they should submit ‘Failed’ to receive the product on the system.

DS team

1.The team should have a dedicated member who will check in hourly intervals the orders that are ready for collection from sellers.

2. The team should process the LPO and hand them over to the rider.

3. The team should organize the riders to have collection in an orderly manner so that they can be able to have two pickup shifts per day.

4. The team should also prepare the items for dispatch before they close business for the day.

5. The team should ensure that the packages do not stay for more than 24hours without being dispatched to the client.


1. Where possible the riders should check the products before leaving the sellers place to ensure they are the correct and intact products.

2. Riders should ensure they meet the time deadlines of coming back.



DS team

1.Dispatch should be done within 24hours after the product arrived at Kilimall.

2. The rider should be given 2 purchase notes that should be signed by the customer and a copy returned to Kilimall.

3. In case a product is returned or an order cancelled, the team should inform the seller within 24 hours and send the product back within 2 days.

4. In case an exchange is required, the team should send the faulty product back and ask the seller to release the new product with the rider. (Refer to after sale policy)

5. If a refund is needed, the team should take part in inspection of the product and authorize refund and ensure they inform the next team involved to take over (Refer to after sale policy)

Delivery team

1. The team should inform the customer when the package has arrived.

2. In case the package is returned, it should be taken back to Kilimall with the reason as to why the item was returned.

3. If the delivery is delayed, the customer should be called by the delivery team immediately and informed of the same and also the time they should expect the package.

5. Rules and regulations

5.1 Rules

1. The seller will give on the website an accurate number of stocks available at their store.

2. The seller will keep updating the stock on their own back end to ensure that the stock matches what they have.

3. The seller will be checking their back end at the end of each day to see the orders they got and prepare the items as this will make the process faster.

4. All exchange requests should be attended to with urgency to meet our 7 days return policy. An exchange should take at most 2 days to be sent back to Kilimall for delivery to the customer (after sale policy)

5. The seller has 24hours to prepare the product and hand it over to our rider or find the product from another source in case it has run out from the selllers stock and /or the seller had not updated the stock.

6. Should the seller fail to get the product, the order will be cancelled.

5.2 Policy violation penalties

1. Should a sellers order be cancelled as a result of sellers fault more than 3 times due to lack of stock, the seller will be fined Ksh. 500 for each order cancelled starting from the 4th time.

2. In cases of exchanges and the seller fails to fulfill the exchange or receives 3 or more exchange requests due to quality issues on the same product, the customer will be refunded but the product will be off shelved from the seller account and won’t be allowed for sales again.

3. If a seller has more than 20% order cancellation in a month as a result of lack of stock, then Kilimall has the right to close the shop to avoid losing more customers because each order cancelled results to one lost customer.

4. Kilimall reserves the right to suspend or close the shop in case of multiple delivery problems due to reasons which cause customer complaints.