Kilimall Local Seller Settlement Policy

2017-11-20 11:32:58

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers and sellers, Kilimall has published the following rules for settlement and payment releasing:

(a) Settlement Period

1Kilimall currently offers monthly settlement for all the sellers. It will be agreed by Sellers and Kilimall that due to exceptional situations, Platform may offer weekly settlement or twi-weekly settlement mechanism considering sales volume, marketing budget contributed and offers given;

2. Settlement report will be done on 7th day of each month. For sellers who was agreed on weekly or twi-weekly settlement, settlement report will be done on Tuesday of the following week. Sellers are required to confirm on the settlement report either in Email or other written methods, by which Kilimall is going to release the settlement amount.

3. The Kilimall, under the following circumstances, reserves the right to, suspend or delay the settlement:

A) Seller account is closed, suspended due to the reason that Seller materially breached Kilimall policy.

B) The return amount in that settlement period or non-deducted amount in history before the return of the total amount exceeds the settlement amount.

(b) Settlement conditions

1. Kilimall will only settle the amount of the orders which show "Completed" status during settlement period in the Seller back end;

2. The refund/return amount occurred during the settlement period will be deducted from the settlement amount.

(c) Settlement

1. Kilimall will only do bank transfer for the settlement. Therefore, Seller is required to provide the relevant account details in Kilimall Seller system and Vendor Agreement.

2. The settlement amount will be transferred in the merchant’s country’s local currency.

(d)Pickup Service Fee:
For Drop Shipping order, Kilimall will charge 100KSH for each parcel based on pickup service.
The charging node is: when the parcel is collected