Shop Closing Policy

2017-11-20 11:37:37

In order to create good shopping experience for customers and nurture a healthy competition environment in Kilimall platform, Kilimall reserves the right to close shops under the following conditions:

1) Seller materially breaches Kilimall Seller Agreement and policies clearly stated and published;

2) Shop has 30% of live listing’s out of stock;

3) Shop contact person is out of touch over a week;

4) Order cant be delivered successfully over 3 times per month due to sellers reason, for example, product is out of stock, contact person is out of touch, and so on (For drop shipping);

5) Shop’s products complained by over 5 customers such as bad quality, wrong size and so on;

6) Shop doesn’t have any SKU for one week;

7) Shop supplies any fake information to kilimall or hide some necessary information from Kilimall, such as license, PIN number, product information and so on.

The final interpretation of this policy belongs to the Kilimall Seller Center.